donderdag, september 01, 2005

I bought some old computer the last couple of weeks, among which are: 2 (!) Commodore PET 2001 computers, an Apple II Europlus, a Vectrex, 2 Spectrums, a Colecovision, an Intellivision, an Atari 2600 (six-switch), a Gamecube (because of the Congo Bongo drums), a Nintendo NES (because of the Gun) and a Dreamcast (because of the fishing rod).

One of the spectrums had a mallfunctioing keyboard: 2 keys would work, next 2 wouldn't, next 2 would etc. I took the thing apart and it turned out that the flatcable from the keyboard apparantly was damaged a little, at the point where the cable had to fold into the Spectrum. I taped that cable in a different position and all the keys are working now!

I was able to buy a cassette recorder for loading software onto the Spectrum, but the tape would run to slow, so the computer was unable to interpret the signal. I took it apart, bought a new 'snaartje' (the elastic thingy around the tapedrive-mechanism) and voila ... loading software!!! For people living in the Netherlands, especially in the the Hague area: "Stuut en Bruin" sells an amazing set of components for electronics...

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