zaterdag, december 04, 2004

I'm thinking of buying my wife a new mobile phone, but make it one that also works as a PDA. I'm currently using a 2nd hand blackberry, and i rather like it; the thumb-keyboard is great for the PDA-functions, adding appointments etc. So i'm looking for devices with a thumb-keyboard. But of course it also needs to be compact ;-).

I'm currently looking at the MDA III/Qtek9090 (i read about rumors of the MDAIV being launched early 2005), the Motorola MPx (due out in feb 2005) and the Treo650 (european launch in Jan 05?). This website in the UK seems to be a nice place to shop for the latest stuff...

If you know of any other devices that might suite me, please contact me :-)!

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