donderdag, oktober 21, 2004

I yesterday signed up for the Firefox-support-campaign : pay some money to support the development, and as a bonus, support an ad in the NewYork Times (to get more users to use Firefox and hopefully start taking open source more seriously) and get your name in it ... :-)... Go Firefox! Go Mozilla team! Have a look at .

And are you in search of an alternative to MS Messenger (some people call it MSN)? Go and have a look at . Jabber is an open standard chat-codebase, upon which others have built chat clients. I just installed Gaim myself: looks nice. I used Miranda as well, but i found it a bit spartanish...

O, and have you seen this neat way of how Lindows tries to show how many Lindows-users there are on the globe? Everytime a new users logs on, they add a spot to this globe-map:: . Neat!

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