zaterdag, januari 03, 2004

Hi! My name is Raoul Teeuwen. I live in the Netherlands. I was born in 1967, am married with Corine (who loves Stargate) and we are the proud parents of Kevin and Nerissa. I work as a consultant, mainly IT-related. I worked for the Department of Defense and AtosOrigin, among others. I thought of 'logging' things i came across during live that might be interesting to others ... and now i've started my blog :-).

My first i-found-this-out-lets-put-it-ont-the-web-so-maybe-others-benefit: i was looking for batteries for a toy of my son. In the Netherlands 6 batteries (L1154) would cost me about 18 euro. I found a site in the UK that sells them for 5.56 euro, including shipping and stuff... Cheap batteries for the Dutch :-).

Let me hear if you now of better deals ;-).

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