zaterdag, februari 06, 2016

Flat TV's lag in gaming

A tune used in a commercial made my wife an me think of this great dancing game we played many years ago on our PC, Disney Jungle Book Groove Party:

zondag, januari 17, 2016

Re-Flash SamKnows TP-LINK TL-WR741ND v2.4

(Writing this up for myself) As i joined the SamKnows EU ISP test, i received a TP-LINK TL-WR741ND v2.4. When i upgraded our internet connection after some time, we received a new SamKnows-box that apparently was necessary to monitor the new faster connection. Since returning the TP-LINK TL-WR741ND v2.4 would be relatively costly, i could keep it. But it came with a tweaked firmware, so i could not re-use it without replacing the firmware.

So i was happy to find this article describing how i could flash another firmware. But when i tried from my Macbook with OSX 10.11 El Capitan, i had trouble accessing the Macbook once i telnet'ed into the router.

Some things i found:

dinsdag, december 15, 2015

Samsung Gear VR - video problem

So i bought a Samsung Gear VR. Great product. I especially like the Oculus Social app: you can be in a virtual room with 4 others, enjoy a big screen together (no live sport events yet :-)), look at each other's avatar and talk (like in: real talk, speech)... Have a look:

Anyway at some point i fiddled with my Samsung Galaxy S6, and flashed a Unikernel. After that, i had video problems with my Gear VR: when i inserted the S6 into the GearVR, i would see some greenish video flicker, that after some seconds would turn into a black screen. And then nothing. At some point it worked, but most of the time it would not.

The solution for me seemed to be to flash the adam kernel. After this, the Gear VR worked again as expected.

I read lots of thread about whether certain ROMs work, whether Gear VR works with root, and that all might play a role, but my rooted phone with adam kernel works.

zondag, december 13, 2015

Losse tests Consumentenbond kopen

De Consumentenbond biedt nu tests ook los te koop aan. Je hoeft dan geen lid te worden. De tests die vooralsnog los te koop zijn:

woensdag, november 04, 2015

Adding an online connection to your Office, Word etc 2016

I was looking for a way to add my (federated) login to a Office 365 environment in Word 2016 on Mac. Found out it was hidden in a spot i was not looking. To add an account to an online service:

  • Open Word (or Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)
  • Go to File, Open
  • Click Options (lower left corner)
  • Click Online Locations
  • Click Sign In (top left)

zaterdag, oktober 24, 2015

SOLVED: Error: -69741 while partitioning mac HD

Tried to partition the HD on my new macbook with Diskutil as described here. After decrypting the drive, tried , but was thrown a "Error: -69741: The target disk isn’t eligible for reversion because it wasn’t created by conversion or it is not part of a simple setup of exactly one logical and one physical volume"".

Found the solution at (boot with command-R > use Diskutil ... created 3 partitions without loosing data).

Image source:

donderdag, oktober 22, 2015

TV-series downloaden

Veel series zijn kort na uitzending te downloaden. Ik gebruikte daar op mijn Apple Macbook TVshows PrefPane voor. Die lijkt echter niet meer te werken zoals hij deed. Op staat echter hoe je het met wat simpele handelingen weer werkend kunt maken. Zodra er dan een nieuwe uitzending is geweest, wordt die automatisch gedownload voor je...

Alternatieven zijn er ook, zoals: